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Get the information you need to better manage your health or care for loved ones. With online access and communication tools, patients can ask questions, share concerns, and provide pertinent information to their providers at their convenience – at night, over the weekend, even on a holiday.

Easier Than You Think


There are several ways you can request to see or get a copy of your health information. The method you choose will largely depend upon the type of health data you want and the kind of health records system your provider uses.

What You Want


You’ll need to determine: -1- What kind of health information you want (for example, your entire medical record or just your immunization list), -2- What format you want it in (a printable list to share with a family member or machine-readable data to upload into a health app), and -3- How you want to receive it (email, traditional mail, etc.).

Got it! Now What?

Using the Data

Almost every other industry – banking, travel, retail, and education – gives customers powerful tools to manage their lives online. Good news – that’s increasingly true in health care – all you need is your data! Learn what tools you can apply to actually use the data.

Having Trouble?


Having trouble?  Check out our Tracer Blog Series as well as the tips and resources below to help you better understand and demonstrate your rights to your health information.

For more background, check out the new guidance from the Department of Health and Human Services on your right to access health information.

08Mar 18

HIPAA: The More You Know

In my first days as a clinical health educator, I only knew the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, as the subject of lengthy, intense trainings largely focused on the risks of sharing patients’ information and the consequences for mishandling patient records. HIPAA represented an opaque bureaucratic labyrinth…

08Dec 17

HIPAA: The Key to Consumer Access

HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is a ubiquitous but poorly understood companion to everyone entering a U.S. health care setting. A wide-reaching law, HIPAA has been in place for more than 20 years and governs patient privacy and the security of personal health information. Too often, HIPAA…

29Sep 17

Getting Patient Portals Right: It Takes a Village

It’s no secret that patient portals aren’t perfect. Too many are not easy to use, and contain missing or out-of-date information. Even when data is available, patients may not know how to interpret it – is my cholesterol level high or low? Why am I taking this medication again? Health…

Second opinions matter. Information prevents redoing.

Kathryn B., California

Easy communication is key to health.

John N. in NY

Old ladies forget, caregivers need access.

Sally R., Virginia

Help me help you help me.

Eleanor B., Georgia

Easy access, easy edit, QUALITY care!

Anna B., Texas

Multiple medical memoirs muddle mature memories.

William H., Maryland

Had cancer. Information helpful. Removed doubt.

Debbie G., Illinois

History of my health is revealing.

Linda I., Maryland

My whole team on same page!

Marjorie M., California

When information is shared, caregivers rejoice.

Ann H., New York

Alive because of health information online.

Jan, Oregon

Let technology make our lives healthier.

Sean, New York
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