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Knowledge is Power.

Get the information you need to better manage your health, or care for loved ones.

No More Phone Tag.

With online access and communication tools, patients can ask questions, share concerns, and provide pertinent information to their providers at their convenience – at night, over the weekend, even on a holiday.

Health History in One Place.

Another doctor, another form, another file. Compile digital copies of your health records in a convenient, secure location for a comprehensive view of your health.

You Know Yourself Best.

Confirm your record is up-to-date and accurate. Collect and share new or missing health data with your providers.

What Can You Do with Online Access?

As Patients

  • Maintain a list of allergies, medications, and/or diagnoses to share with a new doctor
  • Access and share prior test and/or laboratory results when managing your health or seeking a second opinion
  • Download an app on your smartphone to monitor and track vital indicators (heart rate, glucose levels, etc.) to manage chronic health condition

As Caregivers

  • Pull up a child’s vaccination records from a home computer and send them to schools, summer camps, and sports programs
  • Easily look up an elderly parent’s treatment plan and coordinate the care they receive from multiple doctors

By the Numbers

Better Knowledge
Better Communication
Of Patients
Of Doctors

Online access has a positive impact on a wide range of activities that are essential to better care and better health:

  • 79% say online access has a positive impact of their knowledge of their health 1
  • 78% say online access has a positive impact on their ability to communicate with their doctor 2
  • About 70% of patients and 65% of doctors agree that patients should be able to download and keep their own copies of their personal health information 3
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