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Getting Health Data

There are many options

There are several ways you can request to see or get a copy of your health information.  The method you choose will largely depend upon the type of health data you want and the kind of health records system your provider uses.

Check your provider’s website for additional information.

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the options

  • Patient Portals
  • Record Request
  • Blue Button

Patient portals give you or people you authorize the ability to securely log on and view health information such as medications and upcoming appointments. Ask your doctor or hospital if they offer a patient portal for accessing common clinical data (such as current and past problem lists, test results, medication lists, etc.) and if their portal gives you the ability to download and transmit your health information.

Providers participating in the federal “Meaningful Use” program must give you the ability to view, download, and transmit your health information. Learn more by clicking the link below.

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You can always request your medical records directly from your doctor, hospital or other providers in person, by phone, and sometimes via their website.  Be sure to tell them you want an electronic copy.

Option One

In person

Option Two


Option Three


If you encounter any problems, make sure to check out our Troubleshooting page.

An increasing number of health providers are adding a blue (download) button to their websites to help consumers get their health information electronically from doctors, hospitals, other health care providers such as pharmacies and insurers.

The information that is available depends upon the source (i.e., health insurance company, drug store, laboratory). Currently, all Medicare beneficiaries, service members, and Veterans can go online and download their health data with the click of the Blue Button. Blue Button is not yet available to everyone, but it is rapidly growing.

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Not sure where to get started? Check out the video below!

If you encounter any problems, make sure to check out our Troubleshooting page.

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