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“I was recently hospitalized and was so frustrated as to how disparate and unavailable my records were for the staff of doctors and nurses who were working to fight an unknown infection. I’m ok now and they were awesome but…

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Help Me Remember

“In addition to receiving my overall health summary of problems, meds, allergies, etc., I would find it useful to have more detailed information in my after-visit summaries including the physicians’ notes. I do have access to after-visit summaries, but it…

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Incomplete at Best

I attempted to get my data from my primary care doc in an electronic file sent to my Direct address - the doctors’ admin staff did not understand. After some discussion, the best they could offer was a CD that…

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It Worked!

It worked! Yes, I got my data. However, when downloading the data it was in xml, and not a human readable format. [Other Roadblocks] Only the frustration of having many patient portals and forgetting my password and having to reset (more…

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Keep Me Safe

“I had shoulder surgery [and] I knew I had an adverse event when I couldn’t move half my face following a nerve block. It resolved by the next day, but I wanted to know if the reaction was due to…

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