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All My Records

Not only does my primary care physician give me access to my medical records online, she also provides for transportation to and from my home to her office. I can access all of my health records in my chart online…

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Can’t Open It

“Yes, I got my data! But…it came on a disc and my computer no longer has a disc drive so I have no idea what is on it. Was the data helpful? I can’t tell since I can’t open it. I also…

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Clinical Data Came Quick

“Thanks for this amazing project! At Brigham and Women's hospital in Boston, Mass General Hospital, and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, I was able to get my clinical data back in all cases and the doctors were fantastic. While the format was…

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Empower Myself

“I started gathering my data two years ago and virtually no health care providers is ready to provide me my health data in a common standard…[Patients] are basically fighting a battle on multiple fronts. I experience providers who [don’t] have…

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I submitted a signed online form requesting: A printed copy of My Entire Legal Medical Records for my 22-hour admission at DHMC for an open appendectomy for acute appendicitis with early peritonitis but no perforation. I received an invoice for…

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