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I called to get my data from the original Doctor. I was told to just go online to their web portal and my records would be there. At the portal I found that only my blood tests had been entered but not any of the doctor’s notes of the visits nor the results of the very expensive test I needed. What was there were repeat after repeat of medical histories and prior medications I was taking, but no clear statement of why I visited the doctor for each visit.

Not finding the results of the expensive test I needed for my new specialist, I asked again and was told to go to the records division, fill out a form and send it back with payment. I did, and several weeks later found the records were not sent. I had lost track of the paperwork during a stressful, painful, time. I found it, sent it out, and the records were finally sent out.

I call my new GP to find out if the paperwork has reached her office so she can send it on to the specialist. It is sitting on her desk and has not been scanned yet. In the meantime a very important test is being held up while waiting for the old records. I just happen to go online and find the records have now shown up on the portal but only because I called and told the original doctor’s secretary the specific dates (I actually missed one date with the most important information but she realized I would need that info and put it online too, love her).

Of course, the info still has to come from my current GP to my specialist so I won’t be getting the test I need until it makes it off her desk and gets scanned into the new patient portal which is not connected to the old patient portal because they don’t use that software they use this other software.

And I stand by my original title.

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