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Records Disappeared

I was in a serious automobile accident as a teenager in the mid 1960s with a head injury and brain trauma that included amnesia that was temporary but that the doctors told me would come back to create memory difficult…

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I called to get my data from the original Doctor. I was told to just go online to their web portal and my records would be there. At the portal I found that only my blood tests had been entered…

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In the Garbage

I called to get my childhood medical record - my pediatrician passed away and his records were taken over by another doctor. They threw them all out without contacting me and told me they were only required to keep them…

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Can’t Afford It!

I had not been asking for records after every visit and test, and my doctor had not been able to determine the cause of my illness over many years, so I wanted to start looking for help in other places…

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I'm in the midst of being tested to figure out what is causing my symptoms. I wanted my chiropractor to have my blood test results. I was able to access them and print them out for him so he can…

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