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Can’t Open It

“Yes, I got my data! But…it came on a disc and my computer no longer has a disc drive so I have no idea what is on it. Was the data helpful? I can’t tell since I can’t open it. I also…

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I submitted a signed online form requesting: A printed copy of My Entire Legal Medical Records for my 22-hour admission at DHMC for an open appendectomy for acute appendicitis with early peritonitis but no perforation. I received an invoice for…

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Help Me Remember

“In addition to receiving my overall health summary of problems, meds, allergies, etc., I would find it useful to have more detailed information in my after-visit summaries including the physicians’ notes. I do have access to after-visit summaries, but it…

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More Portals

“[I have] Vivofit On Trac, GI Monitor, Med Helper, Asthma Tracker, My Fitness Pal, and more patient portals than I can shake a stick [at]!” —A.O.

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