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Records Disappeared

I was in a serious automobile accident as a teenager in the mid 1960s with a head injury and brain trauma that included amnesia that was temporary but that the doctors told me would come back to create memory difficult…

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I called to get my data from the original Doctor. I was told to just go online to their web portal and my records would be there. At the portal I found that only my blood tests had been entered…

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5 Times

I had to call 5 times, and tried to go in person and left a follow-up message to get my records. I called four times and the receptionist said they’d work on it, to no avail. I tried to stop…

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Access Denied

“I completed a long form to request data from one visit. It was denied because they couldn't find the visit in the system because they did not read the form I fill[ed] out carefully enough. The denial came back to…

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Empower Myself

“I started gathering my data two years ago and virtually no health care providers is ready to provide me my health data in a common standard…[Patients] are basically fighting a battle on multiple fronts. I experience providers who [don’t] have…

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