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Can’t Afford It!

I had not been asking for records after every visit and test, and my doctor had not been able to determine the cause of my illness over many years, so I wanted to start looking for help in other places…

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Charges Prohibitive

I never got my records, as I found the charges prohibitive. I don't recall what they were, only that it was a per page fee. It was unreasonable and a deterrent to my ability to take charge of my health…

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Stuck with the Bill

"The doctor charged the following for copies of my mom's medical records: First 50 pages $0.50 per page Thereafter, $0.25 per page Search & Processing $10 Shipping Charges Cost to mail records. I didn’t pay. I didn’t need these particular records…

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Ninety Dollars!

“I have not tried except for one instance where they sent me a BILL for sending my records to my new doctor. Ninety dollars! I didn't pay it, so I suppose it will go to collections, but I just couldn’t…

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