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“I was recently hospitalized and was so frustrated as to how disparate and unavailable my records were for the staff of doctors and nurses who were working to fight an unknown infection. I’m ok now and they were awesome but…

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Keep Me Safe

“I had shoulder surgery [and] I knew I had an adverse event when I couldn’t move half my face following a nerve block. It resolved by the next day, but I wanted to know if the reaction was due to…

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Only Option

“I asked the doctor’s office if I could have my blood test results emailed to me. They told me that they were not allowed to email that information, and that my only option was to come in to receive a…

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“Getting records (lab, etc.) are total responsibility of [the] patient and offices seem puzzled as to the repeated requests. Practices and Health systems take no initiatives!! Practices in general have no email capabilities with patients and respond begrudgingly to requests.”…

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Top Secret

“Medical providers treat my data as if it were top secret. I understand their concern about revealing my data to third parties, but many are reluctant to reveal it to me. Listen up! It’s my body, my health. I have…

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