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ONC Report: Improving the Health Records
Request Process for Patients

Taming the Health Data Beast

If you’ve tried it, you know: getting medical records can be a beast. Health data continues to move at a snail’s pace in a high-speed world. Whether tracking down health records from multiple specialists or trying to send records to a new doctor, patients often wait for months, rather than minutes, to get their health […]

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New York State of Mind

GetMyHealthData is about you, New Yorkers.* We want to make it easier for you to get the information you need to be your healthiest self and take care of those you love. Your stories about trying to get and use your health information are powerful and can generate real change. They already have. Now that […]


What’s Your Digital Disposition?

These days, technological devices are an extension of our fingertips. When it comes to our health, these tools help us track calories burned, heart rate and even blood sugar. But what about other health information that lives in our medical records, like our vaccination or medication history? Unfortunately, this information has been harder to get. […]