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What’s Your Digital Disposition?

These days, technological devices are an extension of our fingertips. When it comes to our health, these tools help us track calories burned, heart rate and even blood sugar. But what about other health information that lives in our medical records, like our vaccination or medication history? Unfortunately, this information has been harder to get. […]

Our Pursuit of Data Liberty

By Erin Mackay and Christine Bechtel, GetMyHealthData Coordinators  Just over a year ago, the health care community found itself at a crossroads: Now that almost every provider in the country has some form of electronic health record, why were there reports that few consumers were going online to view, download or share their health information? […]

A Mother’s Journey

Megan is the mother of a child with a rare genetic syndrome. Here, she shares her story of overcoming many obstacles – from high fees to puzzling policies and procedures – to get copies of her daughter’s medical records so she can better coordinate her care. I started by calling several local hospitals, explaining that […]