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Very Impressed

Very Impressed

“I logged onto our doctor’s patient portal and clicked on the button for records at the top of the screen. Two options popped up, view my chart and request records. I clicked on request records and asked to see my husband’s. They are much more complex than mine because he has MS and other chronic conditions. I must admit I forgot about it for a few days thinking I would get an email that the records had been posted. I called on Wednesday and very quickly spoke to a staffer who told me just to go back to the portal that they would be posted there. And sure enough. It was posted the very same day I made the request. I’ve not looked at a complete record before so didn’t know what to expect but it looked very comprehensive, conditions, meds, tests. I am sure if I called and asked if someone could walk me through it that would be possible, maybe with a cheat sheet.

I was very impressed and believe our primary care doctor is about as up to date as can be.” —Suzanne M.

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