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portalWithNoInfo“I visited my dermatologist in suburban St. Louis in July. Asked if they had an EMR…they did… said I wanted to register. Was told only the practice administrator could do that and she wasn’t there that day… she would have to call me. Several days later, after my visit, the administrator dutifully called me and gave me a username, then asked what did I want placed in my record. Naturally I said everything. The reason for the question is because NONE of the information they collected on me was structured in their EMR…it was manually scanned in there…including the visit notes from my exam, which were all hand written and illegible. So, the dermatologist said they had an EMR and who knows for Meaningful Use maybe they did… but from a patient perspective it was useless to me. I live part time in AZ and would like to have my medical records accessible electronically to a provider there if need be…this experience doesn’t contribute to that ability.” —Mark R.

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