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Incomplete At Best

Incomplete at Best

“I attempted to get my data from my primary care doc in an electronic file sent to my Direct address – the doctors’ admin staff did not understand. After some discussion, the best they could offer was a CD that they could either mail to me or I could come pick it up. I received it shortly thereafter in the mail—it is a 47 page PDF of many things and of varying sizes and resolutions—many super small images relative to the others, that I had to expand a thousand percent to read. Incomplete at best. Nothing readable or computable in blue button or any other format. To their credit, they did not charge me for this. I also now have access their patient portal, but have had trouble extracting anything of more value from it.

I also have access to my BCBS (payer) portal—and have successfully downloaded a BB+ compatible PHR. It failed when uploaded to Microsoft Health Vault but worked in my employer provided PHR—this file was quite complete for the last 6 months that I have been with this Health Plan—but the last two plans I had, one of which I still had access to my portal account—got nothing. Since I didn’t see any in-network docs, they didn’t have any of my data. Now, isn’t that friendly! Pay more, get even less.”
—Jeff T.

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